Lockford Lane


Dear Marbella Isles Villa Owners,

Recently, the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) received a request from a villa owner who wants to install an extended screen enclosure beyond the rear face of his property. The Board is aware that there are several other villa owners that would also like to add a screened enclosure, while other villa owners are opposed to their installation. Currently there are no extended screen enclosures on any of the villas.

The requested enclosure would be 17 feet in width and extend out 7 feet. It would be 13 feet high with bronze framing and black screening on three sides. There would be no privacy wall installed between the attached villas.

The ACC's responsibility is to decide whether this request is approved or disapproved based upon current association governing documents, which it is in the process of reviewing with the Association’s legal counsel.

In the meanwhile, the Board would like to know the opinion of the villa owner population and take this into consideration in making a final decision.

We understand that Villa Owners who would like to add a screened enclosure view it as additional living space which can accommodate more outdoor furniture and provide a larger area to relax and entertain while enjoying an enclosed screened area.

However, given the structure and proximity of the attached Villas, the Association is also considering potential negative impacts of extending the screen enclosure to the community, including:

  • A loss of privacy. Existing extended patios offer little privacy for adjoining villa owners. Adding an extended screen enclosure with no privacy barrier would worsen the situation. Other Communities that offer villas with extended lanai enclosures mostly also install 7-8 foot high extended privacy walls between attached villas.

  • Potentially impacted views for attached and nearby villas. Depending on location of the extended lanai enclosures it may reduce existing views and create a closed in feeling for the attached owner who does not choose an extended screen enclosure. Many lake lot owners who paid a lot premium for a lake view may have a reduced view.

  • Noise complaints which can be an issue with the closeness of properties may increase. (e.g. dogs left on the lanai may become more of an issue)

  • Villa owners whose backyard faces a community wall and are having problems with drainage and lack of sunlight may have these issues compounded. In addition, it may create issues for landscapers doing maintenance behind homes.

  • Impact to existing landscaping at the rear of villas. Extended enclosures may require relocation of palm trees.

 As you can see, there is much to be considered, but the Board feels an important next step is to get feedback from the Villa Owner community before making a final decision. Please provide your input below.
Thank you, Marbella Board of Directors