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Safety & Security Committee

The Mission of the Safety & Security Committee is to assess our environment and current practices in order to make recommendations to the Board on potential rules, procedures, legal agreements, and capital expenditures that will enhance the safety and security of the Marbella Isles community.


This team’s primary scope of responsibilities are:

•         Monitor and evaluate existing safety and security practices within our community.

•         Identify safety and security issues that may adversely affect the residents of our community with a special focus on perceived higher-risk situations, but in all events considering financial implications of suggested course of action.

•         Make recommendations to the HOA Board to enhance or address the safety and security within our community.  Recommendations should include rationale for taking proposed action, alternatives considered, and the potential financial impact.

•         Publish minutes to all Committee meetings.

•         Communicate the activities of the Committee to Marbella Isle residents if and as necessary or appropriate.

•         Foster teamwork and owner-resident engagement.



Safety & Security Committee Members

Maryanna Crawford, Co-Secretary
Shelia Luisi, Co-Secretary
Louise Costas
Drew Oringer
Jerry Siegel
Charles Costas, Board Oversight


S&S Meeting Guidelines  
    April 9, 2020  
    March 26, 2020  
    March 19, 2020   
    March 12, 2020   
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